When is it established and why are they starting this company.

Brief History About Us

Yu Sin Engineering Work was established in 1997 by founder and director Mr Yee Fui Min. The company was officially registered as a private limited company in 2005 as Yu Sin Engineering Work Pte Ltd. From initially only doing maintenance projects for facilities shut-down maintenance, Mr Yee ventured into the tunnel boring industry by chance through the recommendation of his clients who were impressed by his team’s excellent workmanship and attitude. Jobs in the tunneling industry was considered of high risk and danger in the 1990s, hence, there weren’t many companies involved in this industry within Singapore earlier. Knowing the inevitable growth of the transportation system in Singapore and the limited amount of land, Mr Yee foresighted the potential of the tunnel boring industry in Singapore and proceeded to focus business around it.

Yu Sin Engineering Work is the pioneering company which assembled and operated the very first few TBMs in Singapore. Being a Mechanical Engineer in practice, Mr Yee undertook the adaptation and geared the operations of company towards the tunneling industry with his team of elites. With the assistance of foreign consultants and engineers from Germany and Japan, Mr Yee bench-marked the operations of the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBMs) in Singapore. All procedures from assembly and commission of the TBMs, to the mining operation of the TBMs, to the breaking down and disassembly of the TBMs were established from scratch and continuously developed and improved. Till date, Yu Sin Engineering Work Pte Ltd have been involved with numerous local tunneling projects dealing with the Mass Rapid Transport (MRT) system and underground cable systems, we are also substantially expanding outwards receiving overseas projects.