Various professional services in Tunnel Boring Machine.

Our Services

home-services-1ERECTION We specialize in erection, oversight and commissioning of major oversight of major industrial plant facilities and large machineries, new or old. Being a veteran in the erection of machineries in the piping and fabrication industry, we have built an excellent track record in this industry achieving owner’s project requirements as intended and fulfilling design specifications from building architects and engineers. Our experienced professionals endeavors to ensure projects are optimally managed and carried out.
We are professional in the installation of complex large scale machineries. Working conjointly with the relevant professional engineers and authorities, we work towards conforming all design requirements and specifications and, at the same time, fulfilling safety regulations pertaining to all projects. Scope of our work includes consultant of projects and provision of manpower, materials and specialized equipment relevant to the projects. We are involved in a vast variety of machineries systems. Common machines which we are involved with includes construction machineries such as the Tunnel Boring Machines (TBM) and the heavy lifting cranes systems. We also do assembly for complex machines like the large scale ferries wheel and even piping and conveyor systems. home-services-2




We also perform equipment maintenance for existing machineries, catering for both regular inspections and temporary facility shut-down. We do both preventive and corrective maintenance for our clients, providing services like restoration and repairing works for machinery equipment, fabrication and replacement of specialized equipment parts, etc.