What we have done so far. Lots of exciting project coming up.
  • Singapore Cable Tunnel Project

    NS3 Project – Cable Tunnel in PIE

    Manual Jacking of the TBM into Launching Chamber

    Lowering and Assembly of Erector

    Manual Jacking of TBM into Launching Chamber (Top View)

    Assembly of TBM Gantries

    NS3 – Marymount Assembly of Herrenknecht TBM

    Front Body's Assembly ready to be hoisted

    Connection of Front Body's Assembly to Front Body within Tunnel

    Lowering of TBM Cutter Head towards TBM on Cradle

    Connecting TBM Middle Body onto TBM Front Body on Cradle

    PIE – Assembly of Herrenknecht TBM MAIN DRIVE

    Gantry 1 Hoisted Up for Conversion

    Grantry 7 hoisted and to be lowered into Tunnel Shaft

    Probe Drill Bridge installed with customized Support Structures

    Probe Drill Bridge installed with Rollers for rail mount maneuvering in Tunnel

    PIE – Assembly of Herrenknecht TBM

    Front Body to be hoisted and lowered into Tunnel

    Cutter Head to be lowered and assembled within Tunnel

    Tail Skin lowered and to be attached to Middle Body Assembly

    Installation of TBM accessories such as Slurry Pipes, Control Valves and Working Platform etc.

    BENOI JURONG ISLAND – Assembly of Kawasaki TBM

    TBM Front Body assembled with Cutter Motor and Man Lock to be hoisted into Tunnel

    Installation of Slurry Pipes and Accessories

    Installation of Electrical Ball Valves onto Middle Body Shield Jack Area

    Removal f Lifting Lugs when Cutter Head is in position